Daniel grew up in Mansfield, Texas, a short drive from Dallas. Amidst his obsession with puzzles and Legos, he got his first ever acting role as an ensemble member in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" alongside his sisters, and he never forgot how he was in more scenes than they were. Take that!

Since then, Daniel has journeyed through life with a love for telling stories on the brain. Along the way, he has fallen in love with lots of animals, more Legos, traveling, Harry Potter, other books that are perhaps more impressive to discuss at parties, dramaturgy, New York City, and just being an all around nerd.

These days, Daniel can either be found: at a rehearsal for his next project; perusing a bookstore; being buried alive by the MTA but getting by with podcasts; huddled on a couch and trying (read as failing) to catch up on his many TV obsessions; or napping.